December 6, 2021

Lamina SA 1116 at W.E. Roberts in UK

Lamina System AB has installed its popular 11.16 Semi-Automatic litho-laminator at W.E. Roberts Ltd in Northfleet, Kent, UK. This machine will be used predominantly for mounting litho printed sheets to various grades of open-faced and doublewall corrugated.

W.E. Roberts Ltd have been going through many structural changes during the summer of 2020 and the new laminator was purchased from Lamina’s UK & Ireland Sales Agent, Neil Thayer of Finishline Machinery.

Stuart Taylor, Creative Director at W.E. Roberts Ltd, comments, “Thank you to Lamina for a seamless install. The two days to commission was impressive, followed by three days of training had us up and running by the end of the week. This increased capacity and improved quality will allow us to produce our current range of products more efficiently and expand our offerings to new retail and e-commerce customers across the WER Group.”

Left to right: Neil Thayer and Stuart Taylor.



The Lamina SA is a sheet-to-sheet semi-automatic laminating/mounting machine. It has an automatic suction cup feeder for bottom sheets and a hand fed operation for top sheets. The machine is very operator-friendly, and because of the modular construction it allows upgrading to fully automatic with little or no disruption.

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