December 2, 2021

Lamina Displayline 3416 at Delta Group, UK

As a P.O.S. print industry leader, The Delta Group based in London, UK are often first to adopt new machine technologies. The installation of a 3416 DL from Lamina System during the summer of 2021 is the first of its kind to be installed in the UK.

This machine is used to apply glue and fold many FSDU’s automatically. Interestingly, the new machine can glue and close bespoke flaps within a typical display unit’s main body, sides and top, even at various angles, in a single pass. Despite the large sheet sizes the machine’s footprint is relatively compact. This line has three modules that can easily be accessed due to them being on floor rails that allow opening each section as required.

Martin Shipp, COO, Delta Group, comments, “We are always keen to look at new innovations on how we can improve upon speed, quality and cost. This investment also aligns to our ‘Delta Net Zero’ strategy with less power consumption than the current process. Lamina were the ones to deliver for us; it is great to continue our long standing relationship with Neil Thayer and the Lamina team.”

Left to right: Neil Thayer, (UK & Ireland Sales Agent) and Martin Shipp, COO, Delta Group.​​​​​​​



Displayline is an innovative and unique one- phase/one-pass fully automated production line, high speed & high capacity, non-stop gluing and folding machine incorporating “Pick & Place” for the production of the display product.

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