February 28, 2024

Lamina Packline SA installed at FERO

FERO Retail Marketing Ltd based in Sandy, UK has just taken delivery of a Lamina Packline SA in early 2024. The machine is a fresh and newly designed hot melt packing line for gluing flat corrugated packs (FEFCO401/2) up to 50mm thick, running at 300-350ph. Lamina has wanted to build a machine for this purpose for some time so when Garry Woods(FERO Operations Director, Sandy) and Jesper Hjalmarsson (Lamina System Design Manager) got together, the project began. The main USP is due to its genius of design and construction, there is no need for any set-ups, meaning different sizes and capacity of collated packs can be hand-fed continuously without stopping. Traditionally this job is carried out by small armies of out-workers using vast quantities of vinyl branded tapes. It is possible to add an ink jet print head to the Packline to enable logos and information to be  printed directly onto the packs. Early calculations suggest a very attractive ROI of around 12-18 months.


Neil Thayer owner of Finishline Machinery says “It’s not every day we see a revolutionary machine that has the potential to disrupt print finishing. The Packline SA was built for flat corrugated packs of POSwork, however it could easily be used in other industries where this kind of packing is required.”


Lamina will exhibit this brand new Packline SA for the first time at DRUPA 2024.

L-R: Matt Foney (FERO head of Operations), Garry Woods (FERO Operations Director, Sandy), Neil Thayer (Finishline Machinery / Lamina UK & Irish Sales Agent).



The Packline SA is an semi-automatic, non-stop box closing/sealing machine for the FEFCO 402 corrugated flatpack. This unique production line incorporates precision gluing, folding/flap-folding, and accurate closure/sealing of the box completely without any set-up. The option inkjet could be incorporated in the machine for easier identification of the parcel.

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