November 22, 2022

Lamina Glueline for All Creative in Denmark

Lamina System has recently installed itspopular 3016 Glueline at All Creative A/S, which is located in Vejle, Denmark.The machine is configured with a combination of hot melt and PVA cold gluesystems and two tape applicators, which will be mainly used for the productionof displays and packaging products.

All Creative A/S manufacture a wide rangeof packaging, from the brown parcel box to the refined gift box with foil andlogo imprint, wine packaging, lined sales boxes and Christmas calendars.

In addition, All Creative A/S manufactureall kinds of displays such as, POS (Point-of-sale) and Floor displays, dumpers,spear, quarter, half, full pallet, table and hanging displays. Solutions inboth acrylic, wood and metal - often combined with LED light, sound or otherspecial effects, can also be created by All Creative.



The Lamina Glueline is a fully automatic non-stop gluing and folding machine for one piece or two piece boxes. The machine works with two heavy duty vacuum controlled belt feeders which feed in the one or two pieces.

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