December 6, 2021

Lamina Glueline 2200 at Saica Pack, UK

Neil Thayer, UK sales agent for Lamina System AB, has confirmed that Saica Pack has recently taken delivery of a Lamina 2200 GL gluing and taping machine at it’s Telford, UK site.

“This new machine will enhance the Telford site’s ability to provide bespoke packaging to industrial and e-commerce customers,” explains Thayer. “The machine is dual purpose as it can glue and also tape boxes. Size permitting, it is possible to run two jobs independently and at the same time, meaning faster production. Saica asked Lamina if the Gluer could be installed as soon as possible after order, as they were very busy which meant sending the machine during the Covid-19 pandemic. This presented some logistical issues but Lamina were able to make an extra effort and carry out the installation and training as requested.”

Left to right: Martin McQuaide, Christoffer Sedlund (Lamina) and Neil Thayer (Lamina agent).



The Lamina Glueline is a fully automatic non-stop gluing and folding machine for one piece or two piece boxes. The machine works with two heavy duty vacuum controlled belt feeders which feed in the one or two pieces.

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