December 2, 2021

2 LAMINA GLUERS at W.E. Roberts Ltd, UK

2 LAMINA GLUERS at W.E. Roberts Ltd.

Swedish manufacturer Lamina System has installed their 14.10 CLG Auto Folder Gluer and 2200 GL Gluer with Taping Unit at W.E. Roberts Ltd based in Northfleet, Kent, UK during summer 2021. Both machines will be used to glue various types and sizes of packaging boxes. These purchases follow on from a Lamina Laminator installed last year. W.E. Roberts Ltd are experiencing a need to increase output as demand has grown over the last 18 months hence the new machinery.

Stuart Taylor (pictured right), WER Retail Creative Managing Director comments: “ 9 months of successful production from our Lamina 11.16 Semi-Auto Litho Sheet Laminator helped make our choice for investment in two new gluing lines an easier one. Lamina's GL 2200 dual station is an ideal partner for our existing equipment, installed with the optional taping line, the versatility offered will increase our short run capacity and further expand the range of products we offer to our customers. Our new CGL 1410 will increase speeds on our straight line Litho volumes, fulfil demand and further expand our portfolio of 3 point glued packaging and future proof the group with numerous upgrade options if and when required.“

Left to right: Neil Thayer (Lamina agent for UK & Ireland) and Stuart Taylor.



The Lamina Gluer is a manual fed in-line folding, gluing and taping machine. By the genius construction it is able to handle various sizes of different materials.The tool free set-up allows a quick change over even for short runs. Options for the machine include cold glue, back support unit, tape applicator etc.

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