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Hot Melt Gluers

2000-4000 Glueline

Lamina Glueline is a fully automatic non-stop gluing and folding machine for one piece or two piece boxes. the machine works with two heavy duty vacuum contrilled belt feeders which can be used to feed in one or two piece boxes.

By using Laminas registration system and non stop feeder the machine is extremely effective for two piece boxes.
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Automatic sheet feeder:

Sheets are fed by four vacuum belts with a heavy duty vacuum fan for handling various materials. The feeder can be set for 2 piece products or single boxes.

Glue equipment:

The gluing unit is hot melt standard  but could be a combination of hot melt and cold glue. Programing of the glueline is easily done from the touch screen and can be saved for repeat orders. 

Registration unit:

The registration unit is adjustable for different flaps and is controlled by a combination of mechanical pushing system and photocells. 

Folding unit:

The folding of the box is done by a set-up guide system. The folding unit are with an easy set-up adjusted to fit for a number of different constructions of boxes. 


All moduls are placed on tracks on the floor and are movable. This system provides the operator with full access to the machine and enables an easy and quick set-up. 


The Glueline 2000 can be equipped with options like Pressure belt and automatic Downstacker. An extra option is needed for products where the glue flap has the same length as the material.