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Lamina produces three different laminating models:


The famous standard model for p.o.p. semi-automatic or fully automatic machines with the world patterned register system which gives an accuracy of -+0,25mm. This model comes in sizes from 1100 x 1000mm up to 1600 x 2000mm. The machine produces up to 3000 sheets/h with only one operator. There are two different feeders to choose from, 800mm bottom and 500mm top sheet, or 1600mm bottom sheet and 800mm top sheet. The large machines gives you the ability to run pallets straight into the machine, both in top and bottom feeder.


Lamina’s second model of  laminating machines is the high speed packaging machine called FAS. This model produces up to 6000 sheets/h in three different sizes: 1100 x 1600mm, 1400 x 1600mm and 1600 x 2000mm.

The Blackline

The BLACKLINE is Lamina’s third laminating model, and produces 5000 sheets/h with an edge to edge register. It has the new patented register system and a unique feeding system. The BLACKLINE has two different feeders, a 800mm bottom sheet with a 500mm top sheet and a 1600mm bottom sheet with a 800mm top sheet. The BLACKLINE is produced in six  different sizes, 1100 x 1000mm, 1100 x 1600mm, 1400 x 1600mm, 1400 x 2000mm, and 1600 x 2000mm. The BLACKLINE also accommodates pallets that can be brought straight into the machine.

Machine sizes and configurations as follows:

  • ML indicates that the machine is MANUAL.
  • SA indicates that the machine is SEMI-AUTOMATIC.
  • FA indicates that the machine is FULLY-AUTOMATIC.
  • A model designated 1110 indicates that the machine is 1100 mm wide and 1000 mm long.
  • Numbers shown as 800/500 refer to the height of the bottom feeder (ie 800 mm) and the top sheet (ie 500 mm).

Glue Machines:

Apart from the three different models of laminating machines, Lamina also manufactures the world famous 2-piece Gluer and Glueline.

Lamina Gluer

The Lamina Gluer is manufactured in three different widths, 1400mm, 1800mm and 2200mm. The Lamina Gluer only needs one operator and produces boxes of varying sizes, from 100mm up to 4000mm widths, including 2-piece boxes, show cards, special boxes and as an option you can have a tape applicator which is used to affix double sided tape Scotchs tape, rip tape and sealing tape. With this unique machine you can also produce easels, glue PVC boxes with cold and hot glue etc. etc.


The Glueline machine can offer nearly the same functions as the Gluer but will feed in the material automaticly.

By using hotmelt or a combination of hotmelt/cold glue the machine will automaticly handle single boxes or two-piece boxes. The machine are working with an unique folding procedure that will assure for perfect glued and folded two-piece products in an automaticly high productive procedure. The line is available in the sizes 2000, 3000 and 4000 mm wide.